Our Work

Wood with story, beauty & transformation.

Walnut table 4' by 8'

Live|Natural Edge Wood

Locally sourced reclaimed wood from Southeast Michigan. Available in oak, cherry, maple, cedar, walnut and other Great Lakes woods. Choose from available stock or begin a new project. Ready to finish for a natural unique look adding warmth and depth to any room.

Tables | Slabs | Surfaces

Custom designed and reclaimed wood from Southeast Michigan. Able to sand, join, book-match, fill and finish surfaces for natural unique look adding life and style to any space. Team is ready to make your dream of owing a masterpiece from the Great Lakes.

Commercial Projects

    • Churches

    • Restaurants

    • Office Spaces

    • Breweries & Wineries

    • Remote Work Spaces

    • much more

Cutting Boards | Serving Plates

Reclaimed, prepared, dried and protected with mineral spirits and beeswax mix. Unique and simple ranging from 10 '-15 ' long. Prepared keep the natural design but also be functional to celebrate the Great Lakes Region. Limited Items ..... Always but Join DF and get first dibs.

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Benches | Shelves | Mantles

Custom cut to exact dimension to fit any space and locally sourced. Available no through local reclaimed wood inventory to be turned into a simple accent for home or business.

Custom Cut Lumber

Ability to cut all lengths of custom lumber for slabs, boards and unique cuts. The entire tree or parts can be used. Work is completed at shop in Northfield, MI.

Commission a Project

From standing tree to completed piece of art for any space. Looking to take down that problem tree and turn into a functional solution. Contact us directly on how we can make that happen for you.

Direct Service Area:

Greater Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Brighton, Western Suburbs & Downtown Detroit

*North American Shipping Available* Start your own story with Detroit urban wood.